Commitment. Dedication

Our primary focus is to offer superior rock crushing and recycling services, while still offering competitive rates. It’s that simple. Decades of experience allow us to offer an efficient and safe process. Effectively improving project
by increasing on-site productivity.

How we started

Owner, Paul Desrosiers was introduced to the excavating industry at an early age. Building a lifelong friendship as children with the son of an owner of a well known local excavating company. Finding himself in an environment which he excelled and showed great potential from the start. With an intense work ethic, and a natural understanding, he earned the support and encouragement from those who had introduced him to this industry.


Paul purchased his first excavator and dump truck when he was in the eleventh grade. In 1987, founded Desrosiers Excavating in Tiverton, RI. Focused only on providing untouchable services.


Furthering his company’s on-site experience and reputation by being dependable and forward thinking. Known for his unique approach and ability to efficiently and effectively streamline material processing and reduce project timeliness. Never stop swinging. Doing everything it takes to reach and exceed every one of Paul’s high bar goals and standards.

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