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Northeast Rock Crushing is a leading mobile rock crushing and recycling contractor specializing in on-site services.

NRC prides itself on being a high quality and swift response provider in New England and across the Northeast. We offer on-site mobile rock crushing, recycling and screening services. Our reputation for improving project time-lines and increasing production comes from decades of experience, commitment, and dedication. We provide 24/7 services. New England offers a variety of environmental conditions. No matter the weather, you can always expect reliable, efficient and professional services.

Our on-site crushing and recycling capabilities allow us to offer materials to be efficiently crushed and screened to your desired specifications. NRC’s engineering department inspect project site material to determine the most efficient processing approach to each and every project. Our process assures that contractors are always provided with the required amount of material ensuring you meet all of your project’s goals. NRC is your portable rock crushing solution.

North East Rock Crushing Services


Benefits There are countless benefits to on-site rock crushing and recycling services. Many processing projects are situated in city centers...

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Mobile Services

Mobile Services Our experience gives us the ability to streamline each individual project for efficiency, providing the required material on...

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Mixed Material Processing

Mixed Material ProcessingOur on-site rock crushing and recycling plant makes use of mixed material, converting it into a clean reusable...

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